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Take the opportunity to make your teaching better 12 juillet 2017

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An article published in the New York Times quite a few years ago (2003) is promoting the idea that teachers can be proactive to try to stop cheating. Mark Edmundson says that  » professors need to stop looking exclusively for technological solutions to a problem that often stems, in consequential ways, from the way we do our jobs. Perhaps the current boom in electronic cheating can give professors — especially in the humanities, as the sciences are often bound to traditional test-giving and test-taking — a chance to pause and think and ultimately to teach in a better way« .

Edmundson explains how « condescending analysis is the order of the day » rather than « personal transformation » of our students. I totally agree with him. We need to make our teaching relevant to our students, to make them see and understand how what we are teaching can impact their lives, their careers. If students feel engaged with the course material, they will want to write their papers themselves and put forward their own ideas.

Fourteen years later, Edmundson’s ideas are still relevant.



Un manque d’intégrité… 9 juillet 2017

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Dans un article paru dans la Presse Canadienne (5 juillet, 2017), il a été question cette semaine des excuses dequi a été accusé d’avoir plagié les idées précédemment parues dans d’autres déclarations. Monsieur Saganash, qui tentait d’expliquer pourquoi, comme autochtone, il n’avait pas le coeur à la fête le 1er juillet (fête du 150e anniversaire du Canada), a perdu une excellente occasion de faire connaitre son opinion. Tout ce que nous retiendrons de son message, c’était qu’il ne venait pas de lui! Quel dommage…


Bob Dylan un plagiaire??? 19 juin 2017

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Le grand Bob Dylan, récipiendaire du prix Nobel de littérature aurait peut-être plagié son discours d’acceptation du prestigieux prix. Il se serait inspiré de Sparknotes. Comme quoi, il faut croire que même de grands écrivains manquent parfois d’inspiration!

Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez lire l’article dans La Presse + (Associated Press) ou encore en anglais dans le HuffingtonPost (Fallon, 2017).




A Webcast That Might Contain Some Answers 7 mai 2017

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Do you want to know Why Students Plagiarize? Turnitin as produced a 30 minute video which adresses this question. In the video, you will learn about the plagiarism epidemic, the academic motivation of students and how to create a culture of academic integrity. Dr. Jason Stephens (University of Connecticut) and Jason Chu (moderator) will lead you through the webcast. Enjoy!



Un clin d’oeil, un petit emprunt, c’est pas du plagiat!!! 2 mai 2017

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Marine Le Pen est accusée d’avoir plagié une toute petite minute dans son discours d’une heure. Sa défense: c’est pas un plagiat, c’est assumé! C’est un clin d’oeil au discours d’un autre politicien, un petit emprunt donc ce n’est vraiment pas grave. Avec une attitude comme cela de nos politiciens, comment peut-on s’attendre à ce que nos étudiants comprennent que plagier, ce n’est pas acceptable!!!


Article publié dans le Huffingtonpost par Romain Herroros (2 mai 2017) intitulé Derrière le plagiat de Marine le Pen, Paul-Marie Coûteaux, l’artisan de l’union des droites.


Need services: cleaning lady, greener grass, new basement or an academic paper 1 mai 2017

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The web is full of contractors, vendors who advertise their services. I’m trying to find a cleaning lady and a friend is renovating her basement. Both of us have found people to help us through the web. That’s great. But what about the student who needs help with writing an academic paper. Lots of help on the web also… Jeremy Massler (BuzzFeedNews, March 2016) in his article New Services Make Cheating  Easier Than Ever For Students, presents a service called PrestoExperts.

« PrestoExperts is an online expert marketplace. The site has more than 30,000 independent freelancers who provide 24/7 advice in a variety of categories beyond just education: There are registered experts in counseling, health, law, technology, and finance ».

The article is filled with information and statistics that explain why this type of service is illegal and very detrimental to students. Why write a paper and learn something when you can pay 20$ for someone else to do it for you? There are as many as 100 requests per day on the website. And that is only one website… That is a lot of students who are not doing their work, who are not learning what they should be and who will one day be your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant, your child’s teacher… Scary!


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Are All Politicians Crooked? 21 avril 2017

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There have been many scandals in politics over the years but this one is quite funny? discouraging? outrageous? All of the above! In an article written by Darina Gribova (Global Voices, 2016), 52 Russian politicians have plagiarized in their publications and so have « a suspect or blatantly fake academic degree« . That’s one out of nine! And these are the people ruling the country… I would love to examine closely the publications of our Canadian politicians. Wouldn’t you?