Plagiarizing your own student…

CBC’s Leo Geoff wrote an article (26th March, 2017) about a professor who plagiarized in one of his article a student’s work. The professor admitted that he was guilty but that the student’s contribution was not significant enough to warrant acknowledgement! Apparently, the professor wrote parts of the student’s thesis…

What a terrible argument to defend your plagiarism! First of all, if there was a contribution from the student, however small it was, it absolutely needs to be recognised. How can we expect students to give their references to the authors whose work they use if we, as professors, don’t reference every author we cite. We need to be models for our students, at all times, not only when it serves our purpose…

And secondly, writing parts of a student’s thesis is very poor pedagogy. I find it very surprising that any professor would have the time or the inclination to write for his student. That is still plagiarism, on the part of both the professor and the student. The first for writing for someone else and the second for passing off someone else’s work as his own!



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