Plagiarism on TV!

Plagiarism used to be a hot topic. The proof? In 2016, Plagiarism Today  found three instances of  TV shows that featured plagiarism as a topic, in popular episodes geared at children (Arthur — Francine copies from her older sister),  and for teenagers (The Facts of Life — Blair copied from Emily Dickinson, The Waltons — John Boy’s poem gets plagiarised). However, these shows are all old and have been off the air for quite a long time. It that because back then, TV shows were used to put forward life lessons and to demonstrate that characters were flawed? Nowadays, popular shows are all about vampires and gladiators who have too many other life threatening problems to be bothered with plagiarism! Maybe that’s a good thing but then, how are kids these days supposed to look up to heroes who teach them to be honest and to work hard?


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