The link between Cheating Behaviour in School and Adulthood…

Ouch! If you feel like cheating in school, don’t do it! It seems that it is the start of a lifelong series of consequences and bad habits… In an article published in Our Everyday Life, Christopher Cascio explains that students who cheat in school could later be incompetent in their jobs and develop corrupted morals (once you cheated with success, it gets easier to do it again and again).

Also, if you cheated and were not successful, there are two possible consequences to your actions. Firstly, a disciplinary note will be entered on your transcript and it will follow you for a very long time, possibly keeping your from furthering your academic career. Secondly, your reputation will be damaged and you will lose the trust of people around you.

And one more consequence of your cheating according to Cascio, it will further develop a culture of cheating and encourage others to cheat! So if you feel like cheating, think twice!think_twice




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