Benke stories

Mes étudiants Benke ont écrit des histoires collaboratives. En équipe de quatre, ils ont écrit une histoire au laboratoire pendant deux heures et la semaine suivante, chaque équipe était responsable de réviser le texte d’une autre équipe. L’objectif était de travailler la cohérence du texte. Tous partaient avec le même thème de base: un homme se lance en affaire, qui a des difficultés, qui rencontre des gens et qui devient millionnaire.

Maintenant, les étudiants vont voter pour la meilleure histoire. J’ai pensé que vous aimeriez peut-être voir ce que peuvent faire des étudiants de 3e année universitaire en Chine. Voici donc les histoires. Si vous avez le goût, laissez un commentaire et votez pour le texte que vous préférez…

Équipe 1:   Alan Cooper’s Business Venture

Alan Cooper was a tall, young and handsome man living in Foshan, China. He had black, short hair and that made him look energetic. He loved wearing high-quality T-shirts and jeans. He was keen on reading so he wanted to set up a bookstore. Since he inherited a large fortune from his departed parents, he had enough money to venture his business.

In July 1990, he opened a bookstore named “Bookworm”. Because of his good-looking appearance and easy-going character, many ladies became his loyal customers. A brave and creative businessman he is, he dared to try anything new to attract customers to buy books from his bookstore. Therefore, his bookstore became famous in the local area.

However, when his business started to have good performance, the general environment of bookstores began to change. As a result of the widespread of the E-book, people tended to read E-books instead of printed ones. Thus his business suffered a great loss. How could he overcome the difficulties?

Since his business was in bad condition and he did not figure it out, he decided to have a trip to Xiamen, a beautiful seaside city, seeking for inspiration. There he met a pretty girl, Mary in a coffee shop. They fell in love at the first sight. They shared the same hobby of reading and they talked from Shakespeare to their daily life. When Alan mentioned his business, Mary came up with an idea,“why not combine the bookstore with a coffee shop?” Alan sparked to the idea once he heard it. Since their relationship became closer, Mary decided to go to Foshan with Alan together to operate his bookstore.

They worked together with the book & coffee shop. This concept was totally new to customers. They gained reputation as well as wealth. Later they set up branch stores step by step. Besides, they set up online bookstores to attract more customers. With time going on, their business had prospered and they got married. With their ambition and hard-working, they eventually became billionaires. They were those who had high social conscience and they set up a Bookworm Foundation to help those had reading problems. Finally, Alan harvested a lot, including his sweet family, his successful business as well as high reputation.

Group 1: Carrie, Betty, Ariel

Équipe 2: The Road to Success

Success always comes to the man, who suffers from pains and devotes himself into changing it. David is a good example, who opened an ice-cream shop, finally succeeded to obtain his goal by trying all means.

He was a short and fat guy, always with a pair of black glasses. He didn’t have any goals in his life, even never thought about what was the meaning of life. He was such a poor guy so that his girlfriend, Jane, looked down upon him and married another handsome and rich man. At that time, he was deeply hurt by her because he never imagines she would leave him one day. But now she not only leaved him but also treated him as a useless man. All of a sudden, everything had changed in David’s life. He determined to make a new life for himself. He tried all his best to prove that he was an ambitious man .He was going to start a new life journey.

An idea flashed into his mind. He wanted to be a boss. So he rent a shop in a crowed street, and tried his best to manage the shop. Everything was ready, the only thing had to do is to chose a remarkable day to run the business. On the first day, David succeeded in selling about fifty bottles of ice-cream. However, it was a tough job at the beginning. It took him 3 minutes to make each ice-cream for the customers. Some people felt disappointed towards it. With time gone, fewer and fewer people visited his shop. David was more frustrated because of the terrible business. David realized that if he didn’t solve the problem soon and set a long-term goal, he would fail in everything. David reminded himself of his attitudes towards life. He regarded himself as an inferior. He was self-contemptuous because his friends were in a better life than him. He was just not confident enough. In order to build up a new and better life, David realized that he must do something different.

On a cold winter day, something unexpected happened. David was hungry and exhausted. He was standing at the corner of the street, holding his arms on his chest, looking at the far distance with his dark dim eyes. Then one thing caught his attention. Many people walked into the same building to have their lunch. What kind of food was so delicious and popular? Out of curiosity, he stepped into this building. To his surprise, people here just ate very simple and normal food, like a hamburger and a coke, nothing special. He came to realize that people enjoyed the quick and convenient food. Quick, save-time, quick, save-time…all these words occupied David’s mind. He should take this advantage. “If I can make my ice cream in a very quick way, there is no doubt that it will be popular because it is also tasty.” David thought. So he invented a machine which can make different tastes of ice cream in 5 seconds. Meanwhile, he needed financial support. He needed a business partner. So he sold his ideas and products to the McDonald; moreover, he wanted to join them. First, he tried to persuade the leader of McDonald to accept his idea. But the CEO was too busy to make acquaintance with him. David had to wait outside his office everyday. A month later, the CEO was moved by his persistence and decided to give him a chance.

God helps those who help themselves. The CEO was quite surprised by his creative idea and was willing to corporate with David. What was more, McDonald would like to offer some finance help to David and build a new assembly line to produce the special ice cream. Not surprisingly, the ice cream sold well and was especially popular among young adults. David opened the chain stores around USA. With his devotion in his business, David got a lot of money and became to a millionaire eventually.

Équipe 3:

Tom was born in a poor family; he was short, ordinary and always teased by others due to his poor dressing. Schoolmates were not willing to play games with him because they thought he was dirty and smelly. Now you might certainly think that Tom would be a self-abased man and lacked of confidence, and what’s worse, he would not be a successful man forever. However, he was strong, never giving up learning although he had no chance to enter college. He was ambitious, deciding to set up his own business after his graduation from high school.

Although Tom was so poor that he had no computer at that time, he favored the Internet and considered that Internet would be a great platform for doing business because using computers to purchase saves time and is convenient. He saved some money, worked as a truck man, then he spend the money to take part in an Internet Training Course at night. He also made friends with some people who had the same ideas with him! Soon he decided to cooperate with them and set up a website to sell clothes. Once he was laughed by others due to his ugly dressing, and now he wanted to sell fashion clothes and help people to build up their confidence. But quite unfortunately, he came across a big problem. That was not so many people trust the information on the Internet at that time, which made Tom’s team have to go through a hard time at the beginning. But Tom was a person who was passionate and not so easy to abandon his determination for the e-business.

Therefore, Tom and his team began to investigate the problem that why the customers didn’t trust them. They took three days to do research among different types of people and collected the information to get the conclusion from the survey. Finally it turned out that Internet was a new thing that occurred in China in 20 century, so Chinese customers didn’t trust it and most peopled could not make sure whether they can buy a good-quality product or not. None of them want to run a risk. Tom knew that what they should do was to dispel people’s doubt about Internet, so he decided to make good communication with the customers. On the website, Tom promised that their clothes were of good-quality, showing the products’ certificate of qualification. Besides, their clothes were not only fashionable but also in a lower price. Tom tried to sell the sample clothes to the customers for free and he also focused on the after-sale service. He managed in making good contact with his customers. Gradually his customers come to trust him and his company. They established a good reputation and a great company brand. At the same time, his business developed faster than ever.

As time flew, Tom had been making a vast fortune since his business went on wheels, therefore he became a millionaire before long. Furthermore, following the Internet’s ubiquity, Tom’s e-business became globalization and he was often invited to give a speech all over the world. After all, Tom’s tortuous experience in establishing his business plays an important role in enlightening people and giving them inspiration, especially those who wonder how to start their business and those who run into a stone wall halfway.

Lan, Ivy, Ivan, Hawking

Équipe 4:

Group 4 Jolin, Jane, Jenny, Vienna

   Steven was a handsome university student. He had been paying attention to fashion since he was a child. He was a born designer. His DIY clothes were original and stylish which were spoken highly of by his teachers and classmates. Every time he went out by dressing his own DIY clothes which attracted lots of people’s eyes, some people even asked him where he bought his clothes. He was fed up with these kinds of questions. It occurred to him why not built up a company to sell my own designed clothes? So after graduation, he began his business.

   With a great passion, he was immersed in his business. He rented an apartment as his office then started designing. Steven advertised his works on the Internet including Twitter, Alibaba and so on. Unfortunately, there was no order at the first week. He could not understand until he saw a comment about his works—-the photographic technique was awful. This sentence hurt him deeply. He had already totally forgotten his weakness. H e was bad at taking photos. His strong eagerness for success pushed him to  learn some skills about taking photos on the Internet without anyone’s help. His photographic technique became better and better little by little. As his works were excellent, one garment factory wanted to buy his several works. To his surprise, according to his works, the Garment factory produced very stylish clothes which sold very well in the market. He felt very happy. An idea stroked him. He could have his own factory to produce his designations. He was confident that his works would become popular and lead the trends of fashion. But here came the problems. He did not have enough money to build his factory. Besides, he did not have experience to manage a factory. He was in a dilemma.

At first, he asked his several intimate friends for help. Because he was nice and reliable, many friends would like to lend money to him. What is more, since he was always willing to help his classmates and got along well with others, several friends who were good at designing wanted to join into his team. Later on he told his father the problems. His father completely supported his ambition. His father also advised him to borrow money from banks. So he financed sufficient money then built his factory. Step by step, his office and factory developed larger and larger. He began to feel difficult to manage them well. He realized that it was time to the further study. Therefore, he bought some books about management. He frequently works six days a week, and spent his off day studying. He also spent ten days to attend a training course. Gradually, he had a big picture to supervise different level staff.

During these two years, Steven’s company developed well, he decided to further expand it. He not only kept his business in China, but also met some clients in the other counties in Asia, such as Japan, Korea and Singapore. He always dealt with his business seriously. What was more, he was sincere to his cooperators, so they were all willing to build a long term business relationship with him. Although he was wealthy, he never stopped pursuing fashion. When he became frustrated, he asked himself « why you start your business »; when he was desperate, he encouraged himself « I am lucky enough to have dream to pursue ». Because of his persistence and determination, his business skyrocketed and his brand became very famous and popular. There was no doubt that he turned to be a billionaire.

Équipe 5:  Jack’s Business venture

Mandy, Lisa, Lynn, Silvia

Jack was a common university student in South China Normal University in Guangdong where it rains a lot. He was a handsome boy with bushy eyebrows and deep eyes. His perfect white glabrous skin was attractive to so many girls.

Besides his good looking appearance, he also had a good nose for the fashion. He joined the parade and he admired things that are both useful and fashionable. His friends and teachers regarded him as an attentive and smart boy who had a talent to create new things and a born painter.

When he was a junior, an idea of establishing a business occurred to him. He was inspired by Jobs Steve, CEO of Apple. He wanted to be a successful businessman like Jobs. And he had been looking forward to being independent to his family financially for a long time. So he decided to carry it out.

He read all kinds of business books in the library, and he searched the Internet for tons of information.

However, even he left no stone unturned, he couldn’t think of a practical idea of business.

One day, he walked back from the library as usual. The rain was so heavy and the wind was so strong that his umbrella couldn’t cover most of his body. The rain soaked into his shoes completely and he felt ice-cold. What’s worse, he felt so sorry for his beloved new-brought rivet boots, because after soaking in the water, the boots would be out of shape and became trashy.

He cursed the rain and thought: only if he could own a pair of water-proof boots in this damn weather, so that he could be released from the disastrous suffering. Then he found not only him, but all the students were bearing the wet shoes and cold. An idea of selling water-proof boots suddenly occurred to him.

After the necessary preparation, he began to sell rain boots on his online shop. At the beginning, People had no concept of rain boots and his website was not famous among people. Thus his sales volume was so low that he even could not earn the cost back.

He felt so upset, and wanted to give up.

One day, his tutor found his business venture by chance, and he felt it was commendable for a common student to be so bold to fulfill his dream. Such a student should be encouraged to persist. He met Jack after class one day.

“The toughness of doing business is beyond my imagination and it seems that I have no talent for business.” Jack told the tutor. The tutor smiled and said “Talent is not born to be, but made. Getting start is the most difficult part when doing everything. Everyone will face his own difficulties and only people who have courage and perseverance can conquer them. And I have to admit that your idea is quite good, also, seldom students can be so bold like you to apply his dreams into practice. I say as long as you can insist in doing it, finding out the reason that caused the problem and analyzing carefully, you will be the winner.”

Being encouraged by the tutor, Jack decided to insist his business pursuit.

And he began to analyze the reasons why his boots and website were not popular.

He made questionnaire survey about his boots among all the students, and after statistics analysis, he found that most students thought that the style of the rain boots was behind the clouds and the designs were too monotonous.

He thought these problems were easy to solve. He could design the boots by himself since he was good at drawing, and no one knew more about the fashion than him. He could design different decorative patterns for every different customer or just according to the customers’ own needs. No one had done this in the rain boots business before. That was the newest!

As for the problem that the website was not famous, he asked his friends who were majored in camera work to help him to take the perfect pictures for the boots and put them on the website in a more attractive way.

He also redesigned the space of his website so that it could be more attractive to the customers. Besides, he hired several junior fellow apprentices to work as the online service staff to deal with the product and website promotion as well as to negotiate with the customers. And he himself was responsible to manage the overall situation and design the patterns if needed.

Constantly, more and more people got to notice his online shop. And these unique and useful rain boots became more and more popular among people; almost everyone owned one, some at least one. They needed these boots and they were fond of these fashionable boots. Customers bought boots from him received hospitality services and their own needs always could be well satisfied. His boots gained a favorable reception.

Hopefully, his sales volume increased greatly. After 3 months, he already earned his cost back.

Within a year, he opened two outlets and earned ten thousand. He achieved the goal of being independent to his family financially.

But this was far from enough; he set the aim of being a billionaire.

He kept his tutor’s words in mind, and whenever he confronted problems, he insisted in pursuing his dream, finding out the reason that caused the problems and analyzing them carefully. Being brave and perseverant, he believed he could do anything successfully.

Three years later, Jack already had his own brand and company; he occupied the domestic market and seized every possible chance to expand his company. And his next step was to march into the international market. In the successive three years, he led his company successfully win the overwhelming world market share in this area. Five years later, he became the richest man in China and of course a billionaire.

Équipe 6:   Penny’s adventure of business

Penny, a pretty young lady, was born in a poor family, which could not afford her university tuition. To make her living, she got a job in a small cheese factory as a waitress. On a heavy raining day, which made everyone’s mood down, Penny was also down because of a terrible shock—she got canned. When she came back to her small tiny motel, she cried. She was upset. She didn’t know what to do. Out of a sudden, the rain stopped. Instead, a seven-colored beautiful rainbow hung in the sky, which reminded penny of her grandmother, a really kind lovely old lady. Her grandmother often made compliments to Penny. She really liked penny’s workmanship. Penny murmured, “I should start my own business! I can make it! I can’t bear the boss any more! I can be my own boss! » As a girl, Penny loved barrette and was good at making them. When she was a child, she liked to make some handwork by herself. She was a very smart woman who always made some particular things for her family and friends at their birthdays. Thus, she decided to build up her own business branded Penny Barrette.

Action spoke louder than words, she started her business immediately. Though she was well prepared, she suffered from some problems in her business at the beginning. Being too confident about her business, she felt frustrated. Without good fame, few people bought her barrette. At that time, she couldn’t afford her rent for apartment, telephone, water, electronic, and the Internet. In order to avoid her landlord, she rushed into her neighbor across the hall. Mr. Jason was shopping online at that time. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her, she could have an online shop.

To move on, she put all her eggs on one basket. She borrowed money from her neighbor. She logged in E-bay and registered without hesitation. She put her barrette on the website. Because of her overconfidence and impulse, the homepage of her website was not professional, eye-catching at all. The performance was miserable and disappointing, only some adolescents bought several. To find out the reasons why there were not big sales, she came to her Tom cousin, an expert in IT. He helped her change her juvenile website. Then the website turned out to be professional and mature. Eventually, she got more orders—a man from California ordered one thousand in a one-day-rush. But she could not make one thousand barrettes in a day. To get credit, she had to figure out a way to deal with it. While she was thinking, Jason dropped in. He knew the bitterness behind; he helped Penny out by calling some closed friends to do the manufacturing. Finally, she successfully completed the order and delivered the goods to the buyer.

Having earned the first basket of gold, she started to think about her further development with her business acumen. To broader her shopping line and completed the order efficiently, she’d better work in a group. By talking to Jason and Tom, they all agreed to be part of the company. Penny was the Chief Executive Officer, Technology Executive, and Jason was Chief Financial Executive. Then Tom was the Chief. They decided to hire some employees to the manufactory. At the beginning, the running cost was a little high, and they gained little profit. By taking some training courses and some on-the-spot investigation,they decided to make some changes for the barrette. By transforming the design, it can be used for decoration and making up for the baldpates. Step by step, something for the baldpates, this frontier was totally new. They also did a good job on Publics Relationship by advertisement, press and magazines. For her creative thinking and proper strategies, she made a big success. She then had a company with 2000 staffs and 5 manufactory factories, with real estate no less than 5 billion dollars.

Although there were some difficulties in her business period, she never gave up. She developed her business from only one employee, herself, to a company with more than 2000 people. Her enterprise was in a good management, and was operated very effectively and making good profits. Under her perfect management and business acumen and cooperation spirit, her brand, Penny Barrette, came into vogues. Gradually, she became a billionaire.

 Group members:  Sandy,  Rae, Sophie, Ruby

Équipe 7:  The Story of John

“He has sat there for wholly a week!” Vivian said. “Yes, and I bet he has met some troubles, look at his messy hair and moustache!” Linda said. “Girls, stop giggling and do your work!” The boss shouted.

The man, John, who Vivian and Linda talked about just now, was sitting by the table and looking frustrated. John was fired last week and tried his best to find a new job. However, the severe situation of economy crisis made his dream untrue. He had been looking for new jobs through different kinds of mass-medias. But there is no progress at all. John is absolutely depressed and sad. He came to this café everyday. “Maybe later I can not even afford a cup of coffee,” thought John sadly. He opened a magazine to kill time. Suddenly, a piece of interesting news came into his eyes. It said “Information Age is coming!” And beside there was a picture of the famous website Google. An idea came into John’s mind. He realized that he could set up his own website and do his own business.

Soon, John set up his own website of setting up his online supermarket. People always need commodities in their lives, so a website of selling commodities should be an extremely clever idea. But, since commodities are so popular among people, he met a new problem: he could not always send the products to his customers in time, as he was both the boss and the deliveryman. This problem made him think hard to find solutions. At this time, a phone call from one of his friends gave his inspiration to solve the problem. When he was sitting before the computer, writing the financial report, in which he can see nothing but deficit, the phone suddenly rang. Quickly, he picked it up and found out it was from an old friend, who was unemployed too. This reminded him of the cruelty of this financial crisis. Definitely, he was not the only victim of this crisis. This cruel situation didn’t break him; however, it brought him an idea. “How about standing together, my dear friend?” he asked, in a determined but soft tone. He connected his old friends who were unemployed but employable, and his friends connected their friends’ friend. Hence there were enough human sources for his company. Several sites were set up. There were always enough workers and goods at every site. Therefore, the company committed customer commentary payment if the goods were not delivered to them within 15 minutes. People were really satisfied with their punctuality and products. Having set up a good reputation, John and his friends decided to expand their company so that they can make a greater profit. In this case, they employed more people to offer convenient and humane service in new blocks. During this period, John arranged a training course in order that company staff holds on the principle of being fast and friendly. In this way, he also helped many unemployed people out of trouble. Obviously, John has exemplified for his staff and built an excellent team. With every effort, “Fast Company”, that is the name of the company, became the No.1 in this field and consumers’ first choice. Two years later, John, the boss of Fast, finally became a billionaire.

From John’s experience, we can learn that strong will and brilliant ideas can always conquer everything and make a fortune for us.

Linda, Yellow, Vivian

Équipe 8:  Tom Green’s Business Venture

Group 8:  Celine, Peggy, Yuki

There was a young man named Tom Green, he was tall and thin, always with a friendly smile on his face. Tom was a smart boy in South China Normal University, and his black glasses made him look even smarter. He did very well in all subjects so that he graduated with honor from university. In his teachers and classmates’ eyes, he was kind and outgoing. When considering his attitude towards his work, he was passionate, responsible and ambitious. As a major in finance, Tom had read a lot of books on business at school. Together with his great interest in business, he was inspired by those successful entrepreneurs and itched to try his ability and luck. Since he was a big fan of yogurt, he wanted to open a shop to sell it, he decided to start his own business in Shishan Town of Foshan, he was sure that with his good nose for business and his perseverance, he would run his own business well.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of establishing his business, he met a variety of problems. As for a freshman in the business world, it was absolutely a big difficulty. But he was not scared, instead, he kept being optimistic and began to find out the problems: first of all, as a newly-graduated student, he didn’t have adequate capital, which brought him a great challenge to set up a big well decorated shop. Secondly, he chose Shishan Town of Foshan as the location, but it was so remote that there were not many potential customers. Last but not the least, he didn’t have his own brand power or brand reputation, which made it difficult to expand his business and cultivate customer confidence.

Considering all these factors, Tom confronted them confidently and directly. He analyzed the current situation quickly and decided to find out other ways to work on his own business. At the beginning, he presented the proposition and proposal to the Student Business Venture Association to gain the capital support. In addition, after doing a on-the-spot investigation, he moved his shop to Nanhai Square, a more popular position with a heavy stream of people. Besides, he made a survey by questionnaires to know the potential customers’ need. According to the survey, he found that some people like yogurt, but there were still a lot of customers preferred other products, such as milk tea, cakes, chocolate and so on. He decided to present a new strategy to set up a shop combining yogurt with other food. After making these thorough preparations, he continued to run his shop. Several months later, his shop started being on the right track.

     By a lucky coincidence, he took part in a cocktail party in Foshan, hoping to meet some business partner. So he dressed up very nicely in a suit. It was the place that he met a generous and smart boss. After hearing Tom’s venture plan, the boss was willing to corporate with him and help him to develop his business. They started to worked together and everything went smoothly. With the help of his boss, Tom knew how to run his store as well as to manage his staff. Gradually, he expanded his business to two, three and finally he already had more than 30 branches in Foshan and Guangzhou. With his persistence and hard work, he successfully turned his business venture into success. After going through so many barriers, he was not only rich in material but also in spirit. From a student who had nothing but a passionate dream, Tom Green became a billionaire in the end. Just as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.


3 réflexions sur “Benke stories

  1. Ouf, j’ai tout lu.
    C’est étrange comme le vêtement tient une grande place. Ces jeunes se rappellent-ils de leurs g.p. en uniforme?
    Surprenant ce désir d’être millionnaire à tout prix…ou peut-être qu’être heureux c’est être millionnaire?
    Pour l’anglais je vote pour Allan’ Cooper Business Venture, le tout premier.
    Je ne vais pas relire pour m’assurer que je vote bien!

    • Les étudiants avaient comme consigne de décrire physiquement leur personnage. Ils ont tous mis l’importance sur les vêtements.
      Toutes les histoires devaient suivre le même modèle: jeune homme commence en affaire, a des problèmes au départ, rencontre des gens et devient millionnaire. Pourquoi ce modèle? Parce que pour les étudiants en « Business English », c’est ce qu’ils veulent tous… être riche pour eux signifie avoir du succès, être heureux…

      Je dirai aux étudiants du groupe 1 que vous avez voté pour eux. Ils seront contents!

  2. Moi aussi j’ai tout lu et moi aussi j’irais avec Allan Cooper Business Venture. Je trouve l’histoire mieux structurée et pas trop longue.
    Joyeux Nöel à tous!


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